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Kitchen Design | 3 Golden Strategies For Getting Your Kitchen Sink Location Right

by Carolyn Fox

Deliberating over a kitchen design can take up hours and days of your time, but it is necessary for a clever floor plan. After settling on your dream kitchen sink, you will need to decide where it resides in your cooking space.  Planning your kitchen sink location requires careful consideration, so follow these golden strategies to get your kitchen sink location just right.

Position Your Sink For a Good View

If your kitchen design is part of a home construction project or if you don't want to leave the sink where it is currently during a kitchen remodel, you should position your sink to give you a good view while you perform the mundane task of washing dishes. For example, face your guests while doing the dishes by placing the kitchen sink in the centre of the kitchen or on a benchtop oriented towards the dining table. If you have an open kitchen and entertain often, this is an ideal position because it allows you to converse with your guests or keep an eye on your kids while washing up.

Pair Up Your Sink and Dishwasher

You'll ideally want your sink and dishwasher sitting next to each other when planning your kitchen design. This makes it easier and more efficient for loading the dishwasher after rinsing your plates and utensils in the sink. This strategy is also smart when you empty the dishwasher and want to remove excessive pools of water from your dishes. The dishwasher unit paired next to the sink with a pullout trash cabinet is a classic easy-flow layout that makes it easier for you to clean up your dishes in the kitchen without the hassle of moving between appliances.

Accommodate Multiple Sinks For Larger Households

If you have a big household or like to entertain often, then you may love the idea of having more than one kitchen sink to accommodate several people at once. Of course, you'll need enough kitchen space for more than one sink. Typically, you will have one large sink and a paired dishwasher for easy loading and cleaning. You can have a smaller second preparation sink in a kitchen island or in one corner used for food preparation and hand washing. This setup allows many people to work in the kitchen together without getting in the way of each other. When you're entertaining guests or hosting a party, you will find this feature extremely useful in your kitchen so you don't have to bear the burden of washing dishes or cooking on your own.

Use these smart strategies for getting your sink location right during kitchen design planning.