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Your Faulty Clothes Dryer Is Just a Call Away from Normal Function

by Carolyn Fox

Clothes dryers are integral appliances in most homes. If your dryer is working but taking forever to dry a normal cycle of clothes, it's most likely consuming a lot of energy and thereby inflating your power bill. A clothes dryer repair technician can come to your residence, inspect the dryer and undertake the following repairs so that you may enjoy the feel of warm dry clothes once more.

Power problems

The first area the technician will focus on is the power. Technicians will find out of the dryer is getting enough power supply. In most cases, poor connectivity or tripped circuit breakers may be the cause of your woes. If the problem goes beyond that, they will disassemble your unit and look for faults.

If your drier is getting power supply but not turning on, the problem could be with your door switch. The switch may be bent due to rough use or worn out due to wear. In other cases you may have a blown thermal fuse which could be an indicator of deeper problems such as a dead thermostat.

Noisy dryer

Your dryer should not make any abnormal noises, so should you detect any of these, turn off your dryer and call a technician. If a problem has just developed, using the dryer may expound it. Noisy dryers can be as a result of worn out drum rollers or bad bearings. It could also be due to a snapped belt that is rotating around inside.

No heat or very little heating

In some cases, your dryer may start but fail to heat. This can be an indicator of a faulty thermal fuse or the heating elements. The igniters could also be faulty and need a replacement. If your dryer is producing heat but taking too long to dry clothes, the sensors may be covered in lint and need cleaning. The thermostat could also be set too low. Your machine could also be getting inadequate air flow and in need or repositioning.

No rotate function

If your dryer drum won't rotate but the dryer is heating, the problem could be a broken belt that needs replacement. The motor that rotates the belt could be faulty and in need of repair or simply not receiving power connectivity.

You could also experience other faults such as the dryer getting too hot or turning itself off. A well-trained service company such as Tom's Refrigeration & Appliance Service can decipher exactly where the problem lies without tampering with any working parts. This will save you a lot of time and get your dryer working in no time.