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A Few Tip for Choosing and Hanging Curtains in Your Home

by Carolyn Fox

Choosing and hanging curtains in your home can be more challenging than many homeowners realize; the wrong color or pattern can clash with your furniture or make the curtains seem loud and busy, and hanging them improperly can mean cutting off light from the windows even when the curtains are open. Note a few tips for choosing and hanging curtains in your home so you're sure to get the right style and know they'll look good in any room.

Pattern and fabric

First consider if you want a pattern for your curtains and remember that any pattern can start to look very busy once the curtains are hung. A small swatch or sample of curtains may not give you an idea of how a large set of curtains will look in your home, so always opt for a smaller or simpler pattern than you think you want for your curtains, if you do choose a pattern or design at all. If your furniture is upholstered and has any pattern to its fabric, you might want to choose a solid material or color for the curtains so the designs don't clash.

When choosing fabric, keep in mind that not all curtains block out light equally; even a dark fabric can still let in light if it has a very loose weave. Look for light blocking curtains specifically if you want to actually block sunlight and especially if you suffer from migraines or have streetlamps right outside a window and need that added blockage. Note too that some fabrics have a dense weave to keep a room insulated against drafts whereas a thin curtain may not offer this added insulation; for drafty homes or old windows, opt for insulating curtains in particular.

Hanging the curtains

Hanging the curtains is where many homeowners make some common mistakes, and then wonder why their curtains don't look as good as those in a magazine. Hang the curtain rod so that the bottom of the curtains just skim the floor; unless you've bought half curtains that are only as tall as the windows, you don't want a gap between the curtains and the floor and don't want them to "pool" around the floor either. 

You also want to extend the rod so that the curtains are completely outside the windows when opened and not hanging in front of the frame or glass. This ensures the curtains don't block light during the day and can also make the windows seem larger and wider.