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Bedroom Upstairs? 4 Tricks To Plot A Senior-Beneficial Staircase

by Carolyn Fox

Staircases are indispensable fixtures in most multi-level homes. Some homeowners overlook small factors when designing them, but you must pay attention to detail when you have older people living with you. If your bedrooms are located on the top floor of your home, use these smart tricks to keep your senior parents safe when they climb the stairs.  

Explode The Stairs With Ample Lighting

Poor lighting can lead to slips and falls, especially with seniors whose eyesight may be slowly fading. Some homeowners only introduce lights on the landing floors, but it's always a good idea to punctuate the entire staircase with lighting. This makes it easier for your parents to climb without worrying about where to place their foot next. General or ambient lighting is always best for stairs because they dispel light across the whole area.

Punctuate Steps With Non-Slip Floor Materials 

Some floor materials tend to be more slippery than others, so make sure that the steps are punctuated with non-slip varieties for enhanced safety. For example, textured timber or rough granite are well known for their non-slip characteristics. On the other hand, floor materials like laminate and marble can end up being slippery and hazardous for your senior parents because of their smooth finish. Textured floor materials tend to provide better underfoot grip, which is essential for seniors because they are no longer as sturdy on their feet as they once were.

Follow Up To Ensure Every Step Is Even In Height And Depth  

Every flight of stairs has a riser and going. A riser is the height between one step to the next, while a going is the depth of each step. According to the Building Code of Australia, every riser and going on the same staircase should have even dimensions with a tolerance level that doesn't exceed 5 mm. Make sure you pay close attention during the building process because uniformity is important for better underfoot stability of seniors.

Inject Added Support With Hand Rails

When your parents climb each step, they need some support to lift up their whole bodies. Handrails provide the necessary support for your parents to ensure they don't lose their balance. Apart from their operational efficiency, handrails serve as decorative features with a myriad of designs and styles available to you. Make sure that the handrail is not too thick or bulky because this will affect your parent's ability to get a firm grip on it when climbing.  

These tricks are designed to ensure that your stairs are safe and beneficial for seniors. Pay close attention to them, so that your parents don't end up hurting themselves.