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Transform Your Home By Transforming Your Staircase

by Carolyn Fox

Sometimes transforming your home isn't as difficult as you might imagine; you can often spruce up just one area and it can then make your entire home seem updated and more modern or more traditional and cosy. One space you might consider for such a transformation is the staircase; if the staircase is open and visible, changing up its style by swapping out the balusters and balustrades can be just what's needed to give your home an entirely new look and feel. Note a few suggestions for how to do this.

Mix materials

One unique way to add style to your staircase is to mix the materials. Look at your staircase now and note if it's all wood and if that wood is a bit overwhelming or just plain dull. If so, consider metal balusters instead of wood; the metal will break up the look of wood and help to reflect light, opening up the space and making it seem brighter. You might also opt for glass panels instead of balusters altogether. Coupled with a wood railing, this can give your home a traditional feeling while keeping the staircase from seeming too monochromatic.

Go horizontal

Typically balusters are set vertically, or up and down. This might make them seem a bit busy and crowded. Instead, opt for balusters that you have installed horizontally. Even if you still choose wood or metal to match the staircase balustrade, the horizontal look can be unique and make the staircase seem more modern and visually appealing.

Try something oversized

A thicker, oversized balustrade or rail can give the staircase depth and weight and make it seem more regal than it is otherwise. You can opt for wood, or choose a thick metal post for the rail for something more modern. Have a contractor create an oversized balustrade for you so it fits with your home's décor but is still unique and eye-catching.

Curve it

Straight balustrades are very common, as are balusters. To add some unique visual appeal, add some curves. A balustrade that curves around itself can be very unique, or you might choose twisted posts of metal for the balusters. The curves can create a unique shape and line and offer a more updated look than plain straight rails and railing.

Create an uneven look

For something fun, opt for balusters in various heights of wood posts. Install a railing or baluster on the inside of this line of rails. The jagged edge can look very modern and unique and the railing on the inside can still offer safety while using the stairs.