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How to Renovate Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

by Carolyn Fox

Cabinet doors, pulls, knobs and hinges are components that make up kitchen cabinet hardware and can give your cabinets a complete new look.     The following points should be put into consideration during renovation.


Study your kitchen cabinet critically before renovation starts. Use a plastic template to get the measurements correctly before you remove the hardware. The measurements should be right and match with the new set of hinges, knobs and pulls if you intend to replace them with new hardware.

Allocate enough time for the process to avoid rushing through the job which may lead to making mistakes and accidents. Use a screw driver to remove screws on cabinet doors that hold the hardware in place and set them aside as you may need to use them again.  

Cleaning and Polishing

Rusty and old hardware can be restored by cleaning and polishing. Use the right solvents and methods to restore faded hardware to the way they were when they were first installed. Clean hinges, knobs and pulls with soap, clean water, a dry piece of cloth, citrus and salt. Olive oil should be used for polishing. Leave them to dry properly before reinstalling them.

Reinstall Doors Knobs, Handles and Pulls       

If you position the handles and knobs correctly, it will enable you to open and close doors and drawers easily. Ensure to place the pulls at an appropriate height that is comfortable and accessible. Decide where you want to place the knobs or pulls and then use the template to get the right measurements. The template will help you to choose the right holes for the knobs or handles as they should match the position you selected before the process started.

Use a screw driver to reinstall the hardware. The screws should be inside the door when fixing hinges, pulls and knobs. Slide the screws into the holes and thread the knob or hinge or pull independently to each screw. The screws should align to the drilled hole before threading is done. Tighten screw for the hardware to fit properly to the cabinet door.

Old kitchen cabinets hardware can be replaced with custom made types. This allows you to personalize you kitchen. Come up with you own designs before remodeling is done to achieve the look that you want for your cabinets and the entire kitchen. For more professional tips and suggestions, contact local companies such as Cavallo Kitchens.