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Split System Air Conditioning Units and Its Benefits

by Carolyn Fox

Although everyone enjoys a refreshingly cool home in the hot summer months, not all people are in a position to have a central conditioning system. In an effort to cool and regulate the temperature of their homes, many people try using window fitted cooling units. These can be quite loud, and they cannot be fitted to all types of windows. Another option available for people looking to cool their homes without using a central system is the split air conditioning unit. This article looks at what parts make up such a system, how it differs from conventional units and some of the advantages of using a split system to cool the air in a home.

The Split System

The split system contains an inside unit and an outside unit. In most cases, the outside unit is connected to the wall outside of the room to be cooled; in some cases it may be fitted to a wall near the room. Inside of the room you wish to cool, the inside part of the system is mounted. These two units are connected together using a tubing and wiring system. No ducting is used. The exterior unit contains the system's compressor and coils, and the interior unit contains a cooling coil, air filter and blower. The blower can be adjusted using a hand held remote control unit.


Unlike a central conditioning system, it is not a particularly big job to install a split system. It takes much less time and parts, and this cuts down on labour and material costs. Most of this is due to the fact that no ducting is required; this cuts down on the need to access different areas of the property to install the ducting. Additionally, ducting can contribute to lost energy as the air travels through it, and this can increase costs. The split system has fewer parts to it, and this means less breakdowns and less money being spent to maintain the system.


As well as the advantages already mentioned, another is the quiet operation of a split system. As it is the exterior unit that houses the noisy parts – and this unit is outside of the room – the noise is imperceptible when running the system in the room that requires cooling. The split system can have a long working life due to having less parts than conventional systems, and this can translate into significant energy savings over the years.

A split system cooling system in your home must be installed by a professional, who will check the system is in good working order.