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How to Achieve Quieter Air Conditioning

by Carolyn Fox

Many air conditioners produce a lot of noise either due to their make's nature or because they have some operational damage within. Whatever the reason may be, noise from air conditioning machines is a major distraction in zones that require a quiet and serene environment such as libraries, offices, homes and hospitals. Whereas these areas require minimised noise, they also require some form of air conditioning because of the immense human traffic they harbour especially hospitals and offices. The question then becomes, where do the two issues, need for quietness and need for air conditioning meet? The following are some ways to reconcile these conflicting issues for a better and conducive environment.

Check for Problems

Smaller air conditioners such as fans should not produce noise at all. If your small scale air conditioner produces a lot of noise, the solution is as simple as inspecting the fans for loose part that may be jamming up the system hence producing a lot of noise, and fixing them by replacing or adding lubrication. Sometimes the noise may even come due to accumulated dirt within an AC that is not regularly cleaned. It is therefore important to check for these smaller details in a noisy AC before taking drastic actions such as sending the AC to the junkyard.


If no problem is detected after inspecting a noisy AC, then it might just be the nature of the AC and nothing mechanical can be done to completely eliminate the noise. However, preventive measures such as sealing the AC with noise insulating material will significantly reduce the noise levels. You can seal all-round the AC leaving only the air entry and exit spaces so as not to interfere with the device's performance. You should conduct the sealing exercise with caution so as not to cause damage to the AC parts by denting or making perforation.

Installation Location

For areas that require large scale air conditioning, the noise from the AC is inevitable. The solution in this case would be to purchase an AC that is installed outside; keeping the noise out and bringing the air in. An example is the evaporative coolers that are installed outside a building as opposed to dehumidifiers or window units that work inside the premises.

Remember that the best solution to a problem is avoiding the problem in the first place. For noisy ACs, the best solution is purchasing ACs fitted with silencers by their manufacturers. This is a new trend but electronics manufacturers are fast embracing it due to high demand and efficiency.