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Modern Security Screen Door Designs

by Carolyn Fox

The trend of having a security screen door fitted is rising steadily, and there are a number of reasons for this. These reasons go beyond the general peace of mind one gets from knowing it's much harder for intruders and burglars to enter their home.

One chief reason for the recent uptake in security screen doors is the increase of designs available these days. This article will detail some of the more modern twists and takes on possible security screen doors on the market.

Aesthetics Frills – Security screen doors instil the idea of grossly overshadowing metal bars obscuring the view of lovely front doors, utterly ruining the aesthetics of the front of the house. However, this image needs to be banished, as modern security screen doors don't have to be boring grills in front of your door; though they're still available if they take your fancy.

As people take more pride in the look of the front of their house, the designs of the aesthetic nature have risen hugely. Instead of bars that conjure images of prison cells, it's possible to have the metal moulded into intricate shapes such as flowers, swirls or imitations of the sun. But don't worry, as the door become more pleasing to the eye, they are not compromising on any of the security they provide. Competition between companies to produce the most intricate and aesthetic screen will continue meaning the range of designs possible will continue to increase.

Alternative Designs– As competition heats up to offer the best security screen door available, alternative designs are appearing in the market. It is now possible to have sections cut out for pets to exit and do their business as they please, all without being any less secure.

Although fancy metal designs are popping up, some might want to stray from the traditional metal screen and that's now possible as well.

You can get a screen made form reinforced plastic or glass such as polycarbonate or sometimes even fibre if you so choose. These alternative designs make the screens far less intrusive and obvious – normally because they're see-through. However, be aware that non-metal screen doors will probably up the price, especially if you go for fibre. However, if you can budget it, they could be worth it if you don't like the traditional look.

One important thing to remember if opting for a less traditional security screen door is that the screen frame should still be metal. Having a reinforced polycarbonate screen is one thing but it becomes useless if the frame it's fitted in doesn't make the cut. For more information, contact a business such as Carefree Security & Blinds.