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Sliding Doors: 3 Reasons to Have Them in Your Home

by Carolyn Fox

Sliding doors are a departure from the tradition of swinging doors, and a great departure it is. They are a great contemporary addition if you're building, renovating or planning to replace a door in your house. Of course, you don't need to put one in every doorway, just one or two are enough to add some variety into your home. Having a sliding door in your home is deal for several reasons. Read on to find out why.

They are unique

Most homes have swinging doors in almost all their doorways. Only in a few isolated cases can you come across a sliding door in a typical home. For that reason, getting a sliding door installed to your home makes your doorways stand out. Although sliding doors won't add any monetary value to your home, they'll add some sophistication to your doorways and surrounding areas.

They are economical on space

Sliding doors are not just attractive for their unique operation; they also dispense some subtle functionality in the form of space economy. Traditional swinging doors open or close inward or outward. In doing so, they consume an arch of space around them. This means you cannot use the space in question lest your door is rendered unusable.

With sliding doors, this limitation is non-existent. Sliding doors consume zero space around the door space. When open, they rest parallel to the wall, taking up only about a few centimetres of space. They are therefore great at saving space, enabling you to maximize every part of your home.

They can be set up in many areas at home

If you do decide to incorporate sliding doors into your home, you won't have any shortage of ideas. Sliding doors are versatile and can be installed in almost any room you desire.

They are especially popular in applications where quick access is needed without any much regard for security. As such, they are great for closets, kitchens, pantries, storage rooms, play rooms and bathrooms. They can also be used to separate dining rooms from living rooms. With a bit of creativity, however, your sliding door will look in place no matter where you place it.

Upon purchase, sliding doors are easy to install. Most are shipped out as DIY products with all the necessary rail kits for you to set up. However, if you encounter any difficulties doing so, seek the assistance of a handy builder. Learn more about your options by consulting resources like Harvest Timber Product.