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Tips From The Pros For Decorating A Small Room

by Carolyn Fox

Decorating a small room can be a challenge even for design pros. It's difficult to decorate without making the room seem even more closed-in and claustrophobic, but at the same time, simple designs can make the room look bland and drab.

There are a few tricks you can employ to make a small room look cozy and comfortable without making it look neglected or even smaller than it is; note a few of those here.

1. Use proportionate furniture

Even standard size furniture can be too big for a small room, so it's good to scale it down. This will ensure it doesn't crowd the room or seem out of proportion. A large loveseat can take the place of a sofa, along with an armchair rather than a recliner. Coffee tables should also be smaller for a small space, and avoid entertainment centers and large cabinets. Opt instead to mount flat-screen televisions to the wall or use TV stands. While you might like the look of an overstuffed couch or chair, avoid these types of pieces for a small room.

2. Use mirrors and reflective surfaces

Mirrors bounce around light so that dark spaces seem brighter, and they can also make a small space seem larger. When they reflect a window or open area, the entire space may look twice its size.

Reflective surfaces also bounce around light so that small spaces don't seem so closed-in. Use metal frames for pictures and artwork, or choose metal knickknacks for decoration. A metal and glass TV stand can be a better choice than wood for a small space, and you might opt for a glass coffee table for a small living room to make it seem open.

3. Trim down the window dressing

The window dressing of a small room can either enhance the space or make it seem smaller and more claustrophobic. Avoid large drapes in a small room. Instead, opt for a choice like shutters. These come in a wide range of colors and styles, and they can fold out or against the wall so they're not in the way of foot traffic, as drapes might be. Shutters also install inside the windows so they take up less space and don't compete with the décor of the room. Choices like drapes and curtains that are installed outside the area of the window can overwhelm a smaller wall and a small room, so choose a streamlined option like shutters instead.

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