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Some Ways To Deal With Wasps And Prevent Them From Nesting Near Your Home

by Carolyn Fox

Wasps are notoriously aggressive. When defending their nests, they can cause people to end up in hospital due to their painful stings. More and more people are developing allergies to wasp stings, so if you are intending to tackle a wasp nest on your own, you can arrange to have a test done with your doctor. If  you discover that you do have an allergy, it is advised to contact a professional pest controller. If you don't have an allergy, you can proceed to try the following methods of dealing with wasps nests. This article will also look at a couple of ways to discourage wasps from setting up their nest near to your home in the first place.

Dealing With A Wasp Nest

There are several effective ways to deal with a wasp nest:


You can hang small pieces of liver from the tree that the nest is in, and place a tray of soapy water underneath the liver as it hangs. The liver is very tempting to wasps, and they will land on the liver and begin to eat it. After having their feed, the wasp will try to fly away, but will find that the liver makes them too heavy to fly. They will then fall into the tray you have prepared and drown.

Hanging Jug

Similarly, you can make a jug of water mixed with sugar and secure it from the tree where the wasps have made their nest. Leave a small opening at the top. The wasps will find their way into the jug, but will become stuck in the sugar water.

Small Fire

A small, controlled fire that has been lit under the tree where the wasps are will suffocate the wasps in the nest; the ones that manage to escape will look elsewhere to make a nest. Use wood that is slightly damp, as this creates a good amount of smoke.

Preventing A Nest

Wasps like to build their nest in a location that is overgrown, as it offers them some natural protection. Keep your yard tidy, and remember to prune any trees that may be tempting to a wasp.  Remove any weeds and keep your grass clipped, as some wasps will build their nest on the ground, among tall grass. Ensure that the outside of your home clean, and your trash cans are secured with a lid.

If you have fruit trees in your yard, remember to pick the fruit as soon as it is ripe, and dispose of any fallen fruit; this will give the wasps no reason to want to stay in your yard. For more information, contact a specialist like Impact Pest Control.