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4 Tips to Help You Plan & Build a Carport

by Carolyn Fox

For homeowners without a garage, a carport provides an ideal solution to the problem of safely storing your vehicle. A carport offers off the street parking and easy access to your vehicle. If properly prepared and planned for, installing a carport can be done in a day. Look at some considerations and advice when planning and building a carport.

Opt for an Easy Design

As you are erecting the carport as part of a DIY project, it is best to keep it simple. Choosing to build a basic design will, at a stroke, cut out complicated measurements and building procedures. This means that you are more likely to build a solid and durable carport. Keep this in mind when selecting the design of the carport.

Add in Siding

Remember, if you choose to install a basic carport, you can still add in some extra siding yourself. In fact, you can add in a very basic and simple wooden frame, with aluminium siding to enclose the carport from all sides except the front. If you choose to install a basic carport in the first place, the time and energy saved from building this can be invested into making the carport secure from all sides. This will also add a bit more privacy to the caport, and protect the vehicle from bad weather.

Use Concrete for the Supports

A great way to make sure you build a solid and lasting foundation is to use concrete for the support posts of the carport. For basic carports, it is not necessary to lay the whole foundation in concrete, just the support posts. This will offer enough strength to keep the carport stabilised. Concrete is easy to make, inexpensive to purchase the ingredients, and creates a very durable and solid base for the carport.

If you decide against using concrete to secure the support posts, your carport is not likely to last as long as a carport that has used concrete for the supports. The time and effort invested into mixing and applying the concrete really pays off. Consult with your carport builder on what would be best.

Have Everything to Hand

If you want to finish the carport installation in a day, you will only do so if you spend time beforehand gathering together all the tools and equipment you need for the entire job. Working out what you need in advance is time well spent. It can actually be disheartening to have to stop working all the time to go off and locate a particular tool. Avoid this, and speed up the duration of the installation job.

Carports are a quick and inexpensive way to give properties without garages a private place to park their vehicle.