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How to Choose Outdoor Awnings for Your Home's Patio or Deck

by Carolyn Fox

An awning can be a good choice for an outdoor space as it provides protection from too much sun exposure and can keep you cool from summer heat. Awnings can be made of metal or fabric, and come in a wide range of colours and styles, which can make your choice very overwhelming. Note a few factors to consider when it's time to choose outdoor awnings for your home's patio or deck.

1. Consider Retractable

A retractable awning usually rolls up into a housing that is attached to the side of your home, and can be worked by a crank or with a remote control. While a retractable awning can be more expensive than one that is simply static and which extends out from the side of the house, note if the convenience and comfort is worth the expense. Do you enjoy sitting in the sun during the early or late part of the day, but want some shade when it gets hot outside?

A retractable awning can also be a good choice for areas that often see hail and extreme weather, as you can roll up the awning during a storm in order to protect it. They can also be rolled up during wintertime so that you get more sunlight into your home, adding to its interior warmth.

2. Compare Fabric Versus metal

If you enjoy your patio during cooler weather, metal can actually act as an insulator for the heat of your patio more so than fabric. Metal can also be easier to clean than a fabric awning. However, if you don't choose a retractable awning and opt for metal, note that it may get noisy during rain or hailstorms since you cannot roll it up and out of the way. If you live in the tropics with frequent rain, this can be distracting.

One advantage of a fabric awning is that you may be able to angle it more easily than a metal awning. If you want privacy from your neighbors, you might choose a fabric awning that is angled to slope away from your home, between your patio space and your neighbor's property.

3. Choose a Smart Colour

While you should choose a colour of awning that complements your home, also note how colour absorbs or reflects heat. In tropical areas, a light colour is going to keep heat away from your patio whereas in cooler areas, a darker colour that absorbs heat from sunlight and keeps your patio warmer may be the better option. Compare said options by contacting companies like Blind Outlet.