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4 Important Tips When Installing A Split System Air Conditioner

by Carolyn Fox

Unlike window-based air conditioners that can be categorized as 'plug and play', split system air conditioners feature two units that need separate installation and configuration. That makes the installation process a little trickier. Consequently, it's easy to make a bunch of simple mistakes that will later come to affect your cooling system.

To avoid that, learn some important tips that will ensure maximum cooling in your home:

Install both units in a clear area devoid of obstructions

Whatever part of the house you decide to install your units (indoor & outdoor), ensure there's enough space around them. At the minimum, you should have a metre of clear space in either direction. This will allow the units to collect and dissipate air freely. If the outdoor unit is obstructed by trees or vegetation it will not collect enough air. Inside, if the indoor unit is obstructed by walls or furniture, cool air will not be distributed evenly in the house.

Keep the drain pipe level or slanting as it exits out the wall

During installation, the electrical wires and the drain pipes have to be connected between the indoor and outdoor unit. In regards to the drain pipe, special consideration has to be taken to its positioning. This is because the drain pipe will be carrying refrigerant that will regulate cooling of external air. Ensure that the drain pipe is level, or slanting, as it exits from the house. This helps ease circulation of the refrigerant to avoid pressure build up or slow circulation.

Insulate the drain pipe between the indoor and outdoor unit

Still on the drain pipe, ensure that you have it covered by an insulating pipe or duct as it runs from the house to the outdoor unit. There are several reasons for this. One, a cover will shield the electrical wires and the drainpipe from damage. This will ensure the electrical wires will not come loose or short circuit. It will also ensure the refrigerant will not leak from the drain pipe.

Two, insulation will prevent external temperature from interfering with the refrigerant inside the drain pipe. i.e. the refrigerant will not be heated as it leaves the outdoor unit. The cooler the refrigerant is; the better cooling you'll get inside the house.

Place the outdoor unit as close to the indoor unit as possible

Last but not least, ensure to place the outdoor unit as close as possible to the indoor unit. This reduces the distance travelled by the drain pipe in between the two units. Where possible, the two units should be installed back-to-back across a wall. When installed close, energy loss via radiation is reduced, ensuring the refrigerant stays as cool as possible

When installed well, a split system air conditioner will require less maintenance and offer better cooling. If you're not hands-on with electrical equipment, hire a contractor to carry out the job instead. To learn more, contact a company like ACSIS Airconditioning Warehouse.