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Don't Forget to Discuss These Features With Your New Patio Builder!

by Carolyn Fox

When having a patio built off the side or back of your home, you want to ensure that you consider every feature that will make the space more comfortable and functional for you. It is possible to add certain features after a patio is built, but typically if you have these things included in the original plan, it can be easier to incorporate them and ensure they fit the overall design of your patio. Note the following.

1. Noise insulation

If your home is close to your neighbours or if there is a road nearby, you want to consider noise-insulating factors for your new patio. This can include glass walls at least on the sides where the noise is coming from rather than screens all around, as this will block out more noise. If you must have screens around your patio, consider adding curtain rods so you can hang thick, outdoor curtains. The fabric will help to absorb the noise. If the patio floor will be concrete, add an aggregate to the concrete mix as this will also absorb noise better than smooth concrete. Discuss your options with your contractor so you know your patio will be as quiet as possible for you.

2. A smooth transition to your yard

While a patio may allow you the space you need to enjoy your backyard, you don't want it to just abruptly end. It's good to add a smooth transition to your yard so that the patio seems to flow into the yard space, and it seems more inviting to actually venture into the yard area rather than just sit on the patio. This transition can include a walkway made of the same material as your patio floor or a small footpath that is lined with flowers that also surround the patio. Your contractor may have suggestions for how to make the patio flow into your yard and look more inviting and relaxing overall.

3. Proper shade and sun protection

Your patio may have a roof or overhang as part of the design plans, but what happens when the sun shifts to one side as it sets? Be sure that you have shade and sun protection factored into the plans; this can mean those outdoor curtains mentioned above or even a foldable screen that works as one wall. Even something as simple as a bamboo shade can offer the protection you need, where it's needed, so consider if your original plans include proper shade. Work with a company like Coffs Harbour Blinds & Awnings to learn about the varying options for these patio covers.