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3 Tips to Remember When Building Your New Home

by Carolyn Fox

It's the moment you've been dreaming of, you're finally going to build the home you're always dreamt of. Rather than rushing through the process, take your time and work with your new home builders to construct your home. The following are three tips to remember throughout your exciting process:

Research & Design

You're investing a lot of money and time into your new home, not to mention you likely want it to look better than you could have ever imagined. For that reason, it's important you take the time to do your research. Look into some of the latest trends with homes, look at colour schemes, appliances, features, everything you can find to determine what you do and don't want in your home.

A great way to do this if you're on a budget is to visit local open houses in and around your neighbourhood. Many of these homes have been upgraded to fit some of the latest industry trends. Also, rely heavily upon a professional architect and your builder to draw up a plan of your dream home that can actually be constructed.

Non-negotiable Item List

Chances are you want all the latest features in your new home and have no idea how much each will cost. As you begin to work with your home builder, they'll help outline how much each feature, material, product and appliance will cost you, thus putting into perspective how far your budget will go.

During this process, make a list of the items your new home must have. Maybe you're willing to give up the extra bathroom in the guest room for the play room for your children if that's on your non-negotiable list.

Pick Your Home Builder's Brain & Resources

Your builder is one of the most vital resources you have at your disposal. You've chosen them for their experience, knowledge and expertise. Now put that to work by asking them questions every step of the way. You'll want to know during your research if your design is even constructible; speak to your builder. You're deciding between features in your home and not sure what is more vital; ask your builder. Your home builder is the support system for your project; use them.

Another thing to keep in mind is that your builder likely has numerous relationships with hardware and appliance owners, electricians, inspectors, interior designers, etc. Use the relationships to your advantage by saving money to send business their way. It's a win for your builder, and it gives you more wiggle room with your budget.