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The Pros and Cons of an Open Floor House Design

by Carolyn Fox

You may have watched a show highlighting a remodel of a home so that it becomes an open floor home and you wished to get an open floor design for your new home. However, you may still be unsure about whether to proceed with getting that open floor house design or to change your mind about it.

This article discusses the pros and cons of open floor plans. Use this information to help you make an informed decision about this type of design:

The Pros

It is easy to multitask. The beauty of an open floor house design is that it makes it easy for you to pay attention to several things at a go. People are so busy these days that multitasking has become the norm. For instance, a mother may be preparing dinner for the family while following a documentary on the TV.

A lot of natural light gets in. Natural light makes a home feel warm and inviting so when you use an open floor home design to construct your home then you will enjoy this benefit. The bonus here is that you may pay less for lighting the home since you will not need artificial light during the day.

It creates an illusion of expansiveness. An open floor house design can help you make a small home look much bigger than it is. This is because there are no walls to define (sharply) the demarcations between different spaces (living room and kitchen, for example). The feeling of spaciousness is further enhanced by the abundance of natural light streaming into the home.

The Cons

Kitchen messes rub off on the entire home. Kitchens are notorious for getting very dirty while they are being used. This mess can make the entire home seem dirty since all parts of the house are connected. Additionally, any smells (such as burning food) can quickly ruin the air in the entire home.

No sound attenuation. Open spaces allow the free flow of sound and that is why you can cook as you converse with a guest in the living room. However, this free flow of sound can be a drawback if you would like some quiet (such as when reading for a test when other family members are watching a football game on TV).

As you can see, you need to think deeply before choosing a new house design. Use the guide above to shed more light on the subject of open floor designs so that you can compare them to others before making a final decision. Contact a company such as Stylewise Designs to learn more.