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How to Choose the Right Riding Mower for Your Lawn

by Carolyn Fox

A riding mower is a must-have for any homeowner with a very large lawn, and it's also a good choice for the elderly or those who may not be able to physically use a standard lawnmower for any reason. Since a riding lawnmower can be a costly investment, you want to ensure you choose the right one for your property and don't simply pick the first one you see. You also want to think about some additional features your riding mower might offer you, if you have a large garden or even a small farm.

1. Rear engine mowers

Rear engine mowers are usually the smallest and most basic model of riding mower. They have a very narrow body and cutting field, so they're actually best for yards with narrow passes such as around a side fence. They will also have a very low centre of gravity, so if your property has hills this can be the safest choice.

The main drawbacks of rear engine mowers is that they are very slow so it may take quite a while to use them when mowing a large lawn, and they are not designed to pull any type of attachment so you can't use them for towing trailers.

2. Lawn tractors

Lawn and garden tractors are going to be heavier and better for use where your property may have more than grass that needs to be cut. If there is brush, field grass and anything other than standard lawn turf that you will be cutting, you need to invest in a lawn tractor. These are also heavy enough to tow a trailer behind them, but be sure you note the weight capacity and limit. You may even need to do some figuring for standard bales of hay or bags of seed if this is what you will be towing with your lawn tractor, and ensure you get one that will be strong enough for your towing needs.

3. Zero turn mowers

These are most commonly used by landscaping companies because they cut quickly and turn easily. However, they may be too lightweight to be cutting thick grass and brush. They also tilt easily on hills and slopes. For large yards they can be the best choice since they work so quickly, but don't expect them to tow or haul any equipment, and be sure you note the width of the body as it may not fit in those tight spaces.

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