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Home Pools | 4 Effective Steps to Remove Rust From Fibreglass Pools

by Carolyn Fox

A fibreglass pool is usually easier to maintain than a concrete pool, but ever so often it may get discoloured or stained because of the formation of rust. Rust stains may be caused by chemical collapses of metals and mineral deposits inside the fibreglass pool. Unsightly rust stains that appear on the surface of fibreglass pools will diminish their aesthetic appeal. Rust stains must be removed to restore the attractiveness of your pool. Get the proper equipment and follow these effective steps for removing all types of rust stains from your fibreglass pool

Gather Your Materials  You will need to purchase over-the-counter vitamin C tablets from a local chemist for applying directly over shallow rust stains. You will also need to purchase chlorine tablets from a pool supply store. Make sure you have access to a soft bristled brush for working on the rust stains. 

Apply Vitamin C Tablets on the Stain Directly  Start the process of rust removal by rubbing a vitamin C tablet directly over the rust stain if it is within reach. The direct impact of the ascorbic acid in a vitamin C tablet will cut through the stain effectively. If the stain has occurred because of metal, it will rub off quickly from the surface. Scrub the area simultaneously with your soft bristled brush to lift the stain completely. If the stain is in a hard-to-reach pool spot, place the tablet in a sock and push it towards the stain using a stick. Rub the vitamin-filled sock up and down over the stain. This may take a little longer than rubbing the tablet directly on the surface because the ascorbic acid doesn't penetrate into the stain immediately. Nevertheless, exercise a little patience to get the job done. 

Apply Ascorbic Acid Powder to the Pool Filter  If you have multiple rust stains across your fibreglass pool and want to treat them quickly, breakdown the vitamin C tablets into a powder form and pour it into your pool filter. This will allow the ascorbic acid from the vitamin C tablets to tackle multiple stains directly. Use your soft bristled brush to eliminate the stains completely once the ascorbic acid powder is in the pool water. 

Place a Chlorine Tablet in the Pool Through a Chlorine Dispenser  A chlorine tablet will help bleach out the stains and clean your water at the end of your rust stain removal effort. Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer when dropping the chlorine tablets into your fibreglass pool. Always use a chlorine dispenser when placing chlorine tablets into the pool. A chlorine dispenser is a floating device with a small bowl that allows water to go through it. The dispenser prevents fading of the pool liners and stops the chlorine tablet from getting dissolved in the drain, rendering it useless. 

Follow these smart steps for effectively removing rust stains from your fibreglass pool.