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Advice on keeping your plantation shutters clean and looking new

by Carolyn Fox

Plantation shutters can be a great addition to any house. They provide sophistication to the style and design of a house if done right. While purchasing plantation shutters can often be a significant investment, they will last for years if they are properly maintained. There is nothing worse than making this investment and letting them subsequently turn ugly and stained as a result of neglect. You may not know how to effectively clean these shutters and keep them looking sharp. Here is some advice on how to clean your plantation shutters quickly and efficiently.

Vacuum them on a weekly basis

This will make the long term maintenance much easier. Debris and dust can quickly build up on the shutters thanks to dry and dusty conditions. This gets into the grooves and crevices of the shutters and will remain there if nothing is done about it. You should carefully vacuum the shutters, ensuring that you get right into the grooves. This will pick up most of the loose dust and debris, making it tougher for the grime to accumulate and cake onto the shutters.

Conduct a quick clean every two weeks

You should set aside time a few minutes every couple of weeks in order to give your shutters a quick once over. By thoroughly dusting the shutters, you will prevent an excess of build-up and delay the need to conduct a comprehensive clean on them. You should clean both sides of the louvers using one of the following; a feather duster, microfiber cloth, Swiffer duster or a lint-free cloth.

Clean bad spots with a damp cloth

Often, a duster does not have the satisfactory cleaning power to remove certain tricky marks. When this is the case, use a small brush that has been dampened with some water in order to get through the grime. By using distilled water, you will leave no marks on the shutters. If the shutters are wooden, always ensure that the water is wiped off straight away with an absorbing cloth in order to prevent the wood warping. Even if there are no noticeable spots to be cleaned, it is good to give the shutters a quick wipe all over once a month to keep them looking fresh.

Use detergent for tougher spots

You should never use chemicals or abrasive cleaning tools to clean your shutters. However, sometimes water and a cloth won't do the trick. If you have shutters in your kitchen, they may receive splashes of grease and fat. By using some soap detergent and a soft cloth and water, you can tackle those harder to shift spots.

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