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Three Considerations for Enhancing Concrete Furniture Aesthetics

by Carolyn Fox

Concrete is an advantageous building material in the construction industry. Its popularity can be attributed to beneficial properties such as durability, versatility, tensile strength and availability. In the past, this material was primarily used in the construction of building features such as floors, walls, pavements and driveways. Now, the use of concrete has been extended to the making of furniture for residential and commercial applications.

Concrete furniture can be ideal for installation in your premises because this choice is relatively inexpensive and will provide long-term service. In addition, you can choose customised furniture to suit your unique style. One of the critical aspects to consider during construction of the concrete furniture is the aesthetics. Your new features should improve the visual appeal of your outdoor or indoor space. Here are the primary considerations for enhancing concrete furniture aesthetics.


The surface finish of your furniture is an important element in the appearance of concrete furniture. Therefore, it is important to understand your options so that you can make the most appropriate decision. The most basic finishing technique is known as trowelling. This method uses a manual hand trowel or special equipment to create a smooth and consistent surface. Steel trowel are highly effective, but you can get even better results from machine trowel. Polishes can be utilised to make the surfaces water resistant and easier to clean and maintain. If you want slip-resistant furniture, a broom finish can be selected to give the surface more traction.


There are different colouring options to consider when using concrete in the construction of furniture. You should choose a colouring technique before the project commences to avoid inconveniences. The easiest concrete colouring method to evaluate for your furniture is the basic use of pigments. The colouring products are purchased as liquids or dissolving powders. The material can be added directly into the concrete before the mixture is poured into the mould. This technique ensures that the hues produced are consistent in the entire piece of furniture. You should also consider acid staining because the technique produces unique variegated shades. Regardless of the colouring chosen, you should ensure that the surfaces of your furniture are sealed to improve longevity.


The texture of the concrete can improve the visual impact of your furniture surfaces significantly. Different craftsmen utilise unique techniques, so you should inquire about your options before making your order. Cove textures are semi-rough, and the surface will have attractive swirls. Salt finishes are also suitable because the surface will be pitted but not too rough.

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