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Different Carpet Cleaning Methods You Could Consider

by Carolyn Fox

Most homeowners will have carpets in their home to enhance the comfort of their floors. However, since these items are made from fibres, they are bound to get dirty over time. Although vacuuming and spot cleaning your carpets may suffice for surface cleaning, they require a deep clean once in a while to ensure that they are not hoarding bacteria and other contaminants. Here are some of the various carpet cleaning methods you could consider if you are opting for professional cleaning services. 

Hot water extraction carpet cleaning 

This carpet cleaning method is also referred to as steam cleaning. As the name suggests, the method mainly uses heated water to eliminate dirt and other contaminants from your carpet. The professional carpet cleaners will begin the process by spraying a layer of cleaning enzymes onto the carpet. Once this has absorbed, the professional cleaners will then spray the carpet with hot water to facilitate absorption of the cleaning enzyme. This process loosens all the dirt that has become embedded into the fibres. The process is the concluded using a mounted suction device that will eliminate the hot water and cleaning enzyme. Hot water extraction is a popular option, as it does not leave behind any residual chemicals. 

Dry foam carpet cleaning

This method of carpet cleaning does not make use of any water, so you can expect your carpets to be ready for use immediately the professionals are done. Instead of hot water, the carpet cleaning professionals will apply a dry foam solution onto the carpet. This is given some time to absorb, thus enabling it to tackle the grime that has penetrated deep into the carpet's fibres. Once the dry foam has absorbed into the carpet and adhered onto the dirt, the professionals will use a high powered suction device to suck out the dirt and the cleaning foam. 

Encapsulation carpet cleaning

Unlike the previous modes of carpet cleaning, this method makes use of a rotary brush to spread cleaning chemicals onto the carpet. The rotary brush facilitates the absorption of the cleaning detergent. The detergent then crystallizes all the grime that is in the carpet fibres, making them easier to be extracted. Once crystallization is compete, the professional carpet cleaners will then vacuum up the crystals that have formed. This type of carpet cleaning is especially convenient for use if you would like significant time to pass between other deep cleaning methods, such as hot water extraction and dry foam cleaning, as it is less cumbersome but quite effective. 

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