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5 Signs It Is Time to Upgrade Your Kitchen

by Carolyn Fox

Upgrading your kitchen not only helps with the aesthetic appeal of your home, but can make the kitchen more convenient and useful to you. Depending on your needs and budget, you might choose an entire kitchen installation or to just improve certain aspects of the kitchen. Here are some signs that it is time to upgrade the kitchen.

You Don't Have Room for Everything

You may find that you don't buy new kitchen items because you don't have the space or you have to pack away small appliances in the hallway closet. These are some signs that the kitchen layout and design you currently have just doesn't have the right amount of storage. Even with a small kitchen, there are ways to design the cabinets that provide adequate storage space. Speak to a contractor to learn about your options.

Your Appliances Have Major Limitations

It can be tempting to hold onto your old kitchen appliances to save money and due to the fact that they might be considered antiques, but there comes a time when replacing them is essential. If your oven is so small you can't cook a large turkey in it or your refrigerator has had multiple repairs over the last year or so, it is time to think about upgrading.

Your Energy Bill is Going Up

Another appliance-related sign that you should upgrade your kitchen is if your energy bill keeps going up. This might be due to the appliances being outdated. New appliances, such as stoves and refrigerators, are more energy-efficient and can actually help to lower your energy bill. This is a great reason to get some new kitchen appliances.

The Kitchen is Damaged and Stained

Accidents happen, so you are bound to have a stain on the countertops or chips in the flooring. However, when the damage starts becoming overwhelming and noticing everywhere you look, it is a good indication that you need a new kitchen. Look around your kitchen and pay close attention to how much damage there actually is. You may find that the flooring is old and faded, the countertops have multiple cracks and scratches, and that the cabinets are starting to show obvious wear. Consider either refurbishing your kitchen or getting a new one installed for a brand new look.

You Are Planning to Sell Your Home

If you are thinking about selling your home in the near future, upgrading your kitchen can increase the home's value considerably. This is especially true if your kitchen is extremely outdated. Even simple upgrades like switching some of the appliances for newer models or getting new countertops installed can make a big difference.