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Fine Living: Transforming Small Homes for More Style and Comfort

by Carolyn Fox

It may seem impossible for most people to own a luxury estate. However, you can still get the fine living experience even if you have a small home. Below is a comprehensive article with a few suggestions of how you can add some luxury onto your home.

Go smart

One thing you will never miss in a luxury home is the latest technology. Therefore, as a small homeowner you need to upgrade some of your home devices and systems. For instance, if you are still stuck using keys to unlock doors, buy electronic locks. With these, all you do is input a code by pressing buttons, and voila your door is opened. Though they are a bit high tech, they are more affordable than eye and finger recognition locks.

Maximize space

Unlike small homes, most luxury ones are characterized by their conservation of space. For a start, you consider exchanging your hinge doors for sliding or roller doors.  Retractable sockets are also a great addition. These are sockets that can be pushed into a wall in order to hide their ports. They not only maximize space but are also safer for small children.

Moreover, you probably want to start using less furniture, and start making sure the furniture you do have is unique. For instance, instead of stacking up a seven seater in a small living room, you can decongest it by distributing some seats to other parts of the house.

Indoor gardening

Are you familiar with organic hydroponic gardening? If not, it's about time. This gardening is mostly practiced indoors and uses nutrient solutions instead of soil as a medium. Therefore, you do not have to worry about dust. It is also good for terrestrial plants. Hydroponics would not only make your interior look unique, but it also brings nature to you and enables you to get cleaner and fresher air. You can do it along your hallways and maybe even set aside a special room for showing it off to visitors.

Maximize glass

If you would like to add that classy luxury touch to your home, glass is definitely the way to go. Ensure your house is more of glass than stone. For a start, put up a skylight. This would make your house look good alongside giving you a great view of the night sky. In addition, you may use ceiling-to-floor smart glasses as doors. A smart glass allows you to see outside and prevent someone from seeing inside. When combined with the skylight, you would be able to get even better views together with balanced natural lighting for your interior.