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Different Types of Awnings You Could Consider

by Carolyn Fox

If you were looking for an attractive yet functional shading, awnings would be an ideal choice for you. Here are some of the different types that you could consider depending on your needs as well as preferences.

Fixed awnings

These types of awnings come with guide rails that are permanently affixed to the wall. These awnings are similar to blinds as they operated by rolling up or down. Fixed awnings are best suited for hard to reach windows in the home such as on upper storeys. With these awnings, you have the option of motorising them or operating them manually.

Retractable awnings

These types of awnings are mounted directly onto the wall of your choosing. They are designed to cover an extensive living space such as a patio or a deck. When not in use, you can choose to have them retracted completely thus making your living space completely uncovered. When you consider outdoor awnings, you would have to make a choice between automatic operation and manual operation.

Veranda awnings

As the name suggests, these awnings are best suited for verandas, decks or patios. Typically, they are installed when you already have a roof cover and are simply looking for something to protect against either the elements or the glare of the sun. Veranda awnings are mounted against the edge of the roof, and can be adjusted to open at various angles or be closed completely. Veranda awnings are typically manually operated and they have a rope and pulley mechanism to open and close them.

Straight drop awnings

Just as veranda awnings, these types of awnings are mounted against the side of the roof over a gazebo, patio, pergola and other types of living spaces. However, unlike veranda awnings that can be opened at an angle, these awnings opened straight down. They can be used to enhance privacy or simply to protect you against light rain or the sun's glare. Straight drop awnings can be either operated with a spring loaded mechanism (such as that used for roller blinds) or can have a gear mechanism.

Automatic awnings

These types of awnings operate by sliding either up or down along a special guide. As such, they are a great option for people who are looking for the ability to precisely adjust their awnings. Automatic awnings are best suited for windows and come in an array of sizes to suit all lengths of windows. Additionally, automatic awnings offer you convenience as they are operated electrically.  

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