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Hot Patios | 4 Tips To Beat The Heat For Comfortable Summer Patio Use

by Carolyn Fox

Outdoor living is a way of life in Australia, so many homes are equipped with alfresco patios for homeowners and tenants to enjoy during the warm summer months. But soaring summer temperatures can make patios uncomfortable, especially in the middle of the day where the sun is hottest. This guide is designed to equip you with tips to beat the heat for comfortable summer patio use.

Add Misting Systems To Keep The Place Cool

Adding misting systems to patios is an excellent way to keep them cool because they will instantly bring down the temperature of your patio space. Misting systems operate through the evaporation of water for cooling down hot air. A misting system produces super fine spray, so you need not worry about any damage to your outdoor furniture. These misting systems are easy to install, so you can have them up within a day without any major installations needed.  

Install Table Or Ceiling Fans

Table or ceiling fans are effective for cooling down patios in summers because they circulate air instead of letting it remain stagnant. This provides a light breeze in your patio space to help you beat the heat. You can install ceiling fans if you have a roof with the ability to hang them. Otherwise, table fans are excellent alternatives that provide the same amount of heat relief in your patio space.

Add A Gazebo, Awning Or Pergola As A Roof Covering

Patios that sit under direct sunlight are likely to be several degrees hotter than patios with some form of shade covering. The best way to cool down your patio is to add a pergola, awning, gazebo or umbrella to provide adequate shade for your alfresco space. While pergolas and gazebos are more permanent structures, umbrellas and awnings are more flexible and can be shut down when not in use. If you want to cool your patio down even further, you can combine these shade coverings with misting systems.

Enclose The Space With A Screen

Adding a screen to your patio is perhaps the best way to provide adequate protection from the sun. Keeping out the sun will retain the cool temperatures of patios. Screens are also a good way to keep away small animals and flying insects from your patio space. If you're looking to enjoy the fresh summer air while staying cool, then enclosing your patio with a screen is a good choice.

These tips will help you beat the heat, while enabling you to comfortably use your patios. For more tips and options, talk with companies that build and install patios, such as Patioworld NSW Pty Ltd.