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Keeping the Magic Alive in a Long-Distance Relationship

by Carolyn Fox

If you need to be apart from your spouse or loved one for a long period of time, it can be hard to keep the romance alive. Here are ways that you can help inject some magic back into a long-distance relationship. 

Organise a weekly delivery of flowers

While you may not be able to personally deliver flowers to your partner each week, organising a weekly delivery from a local florist can be a lovely way of contributing to the household and giving your loved one a beautiful bunch of flowers to look at each week. The blooms will keep reminding them of you while brightening the living space. It can be fun to either send them the same bunch of flowers made with their favourite colours and blooms (such as a bunch of white roses) each week or a surprise bunch of seasonal flowers if they are fans of getting surprise gifts. Contact a florist in your partner's local area to find out rates, delivery schedules, and flower availability.

Have a regular 'date' 

Even if you can't spend time face to face, you can try to organise a regular date by video chat. You can both dress up and have dinner at home facing your computers, giving you the chance to have a shared meal and time with your loved one even if you can't physically be together. (You could even send them the weekly flowers with a bottle of wine, which they can drink during your date.)

Recover the art of love letters

If you are in a situation where long phone calls or video chat might not be possible, such as if you're serving in the military, it can be nice to send love letters instead. Your loved one can set some time aside to read these each week and have something that they can sit down with and reread when they are having a hard day or missing you. Even if you aren't a confident writer, they'll appreciate the personal touch and the effort you are putting into maintaining the relationship. 

If you are in a long-distance romantic relationship, it is a great idea to spend some time and effort on giving your partner regular gifts and reminders of your love for them. Using the aforementioned tips can be a powerful way to show your significant other that you are thinking of them when you're away, and it won't be as difficult to pick up where you left off after you return.