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Tips for Choosing the Right Shower Screen for a Busy Shared Bathroom

by Carolyn Fox

If you've got small bathrooms and a big family, you may regularly have more than one person in the bathroom at your home. This can work with the right supplies. Choosing a new shower screen? Here are some ideas to keep in mind if it's for a frequently shared bathroom:

1. Make it opaque.

Clear, sparkling shower doors are great if you want your bathroom to appear larger, as they help to create continuity between the shower stall and the rest of the bathroom. However, if you want to create a situation where one person can comfortably shower whilst another person brushes his or her teeth, you want to skip clear glass.

Instead, opt for an opaque shower screen. Depending on your preferences, you could opt for cloudy glass, coloured glass or etchings in the glass.

2. Choose sliding screens or pivoting doors.

In addition to privacy, you also need to think about space in a shared bathroom. Typically, sliding shower screens take up less room than doors that swing open, and if possible, you should opt for a sliding screen.

If that doesn't work for your bathroom, there are ways to diminish the amount of space a swinging shower screen takes up. In particular, opt for a door with a pivot. Typically, doors have their hinges on one side, and when you open the door, the entirety of the door protrudes into the bathroom.

However, if you opt for a pivot door, the door is attached in the middle or the side of the entry to the shower. As a result, when you open it, only part of the door opens into the bathroom area, and the rest of it is in the shower.

3. Opt for a towel rack on the door.

In addition to saving space through your opening mechanism, consider saving space by using your shower screen for more than one purpose. In particular, look for a shower screen with a large bar or handle in the middle of it that can double as a towel rack. That will help to save space in your busy bathroom.

4. Choose a shower screen designed for high traffic areas.

Most shower screens are made with shatter-resistant glass. That ensures they are safe regardless of how many people are moving in and out of your bathroom. However, you should also consider looking for a shower screen made of scratch-resistant material and one that naturally resists fingerprints. That way, even if your bathroom is busy, your shower screen won't show it.