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Jacket Storage | 4 Nifty Strategies To Pack Winter Jackets During Summers

by Carolyn Fox

If you live in a small or downsized apartment, then chances are that you've invested in a self-storage unit for stocking seasonal items during the year, including your winter jackets. Winter jackets take up a lot of room in the house, so placing them in self-storage may be ideal for the summer months when you don't need them. This guide is designed to help you properly pack your winter jackets for the storage unit in summer.

Wash Or Dry Clean All Jackets

Your first step to ensure safe storage is to dry clean or machine-wash all your winter jackets, depending on the cleaning instructions indicated on the label. Winter jackets will naturally trap body oils and debris during the time you wear it in the winter season. Failing to eliminate this debris, perfume and body oil from the jacket will result in the formation of mould and mildew in the storage unit, which may prematurely damage your winter wear. Insects and moths are also attracted to these body oils and scents, so be sure to wash or dry clean all your winter jackets.

Avoid Hanging Your Jackets On Hangers, Fold Them Instead

Resist the impulse to hang winter jackets on hangers in the storage unit because their weight may cause them to become irreversibly misshapen beyond recognition. Instead, your best bet is to fold them after removing all items from your pockets. Close up the zips and buttons and smoothly fold your jackets.

Place In Breathable Cloth Covers

After cleaning and folding your jackets, you will need to pack them properly for the storage unit. You should ideally place them in cloth covers to allow the winter jacket fabric to breathe. Avoid storing anything in plastic bags because they trap moisture, which will cause your fabric fibres to dry out or turn yellow, in addition to the formation of mould and mildew. Clothes need air to breathe, so make sure you pack each jacket loosely in cloth covers to maximise the flow of air.

Place In A Cardboard Box And Avoid Storing On Ground

Place each jacket freely in a cardboard box, but take care not to stuff it because your winter clothes need room to breathe. Seal the cardboard box and place it in the storage unit. Avoid placing the box directly on the ground or against a wall because these areas tend to hold moisture, which could end up seeping through your box and damaging your jackets. Instead, place the box over any other item in the centre of the room for safe storage.

Follow these nifty strategies in your quest to pack winter jackets during summers in the storage unit. For more information, contact a company like All Purpose Self Storage