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Three Important Factors to Consider When Buying Caravan Awnings

by Carolyn Fox

If you want to upgrade your caravan or motor home, you should consider purchasing and installing an awning. This will provide additional space for the family when you are out on the road. In addition, you can enjoy the natural breeze when the caravan interior is too hot. There are numerous awnings in the market to consider when looking for the perfect product for your use. Therefore, it is important to assess and compare the different choices before making a decision. Here is description of the critical factors that will affect the performance of the caravan awning to help you identify the best one.

Type of Fabric

You must choose a suitable material when buying a caravan awning. This aspect will determine the performance, durability and maintenance requirements of the new accessory. There are two main materials used in the fabrication of caravan awnings: canvas and vinyl. Canvas awnings are the most ideal if you want a traditional product. They have an authentic tent-like appeal and these are highly durable. Unfortunately, this fabric often becomes heavy and wet during rainy seasons. If the moisture is not retained, mildew will grow and destroy the fabric. Vinyl is the more favourable option for most travelling applications because the material is plastic. It can withstand wet environments and cleaning the fabric is easy. Regrettably, it is less hardwearing and might sustain tears under harsh conditions.


The configuration of your caravan awnings will determine its usability and convenience after purchase and installation. There are three ideal designs to consider for your new product: canopy, leaning and freestanding. The canopy design is made up only of the roof, so it will only provide protection from above. However, it is cheap and suitable if you have a stringent budget. The leaning awning has three walls in addition to the roof, and the caravan will act as the fourth wall. It provides the best protection and enhances the space in a natural, homey way. The freestanding configuration is not per se a caravan awning because it is not attached to the vehicle. This has four walls and a roof, so it is ideal if you want completely separate additional space.

Awning Size

Finally, consider the awning size because it will influence handling ease, function and transportation. Ideally, you should measure the dimensions of the caravan and compare the measurements with the available products. In most cases, suppliers will alter the awning size to match your exact requirements. However, it is advisable to inquire about this (with companies like Wilfords Annexes) before committing.