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How to Keep Your Home Cool in Summer Without Breaking Your Budget

by Carolyn Fox

Staying cool in summer can be a challenge in some parts of Australia. When the sun is beating down and you can't stop sweating, use these tips to bring down the temperature in your home. Every tip is a cost-effective alternative to simply turning the air conditioning system to its maximum setting.

1. Shut Out Direct Sunlight

Sunny days are often beautiful, but letting too much direct sunlight into your home is a sure way to send indoor temperatures skyrocketing. Closing blinds or curtains can help to shade your rooms from the sun, which helps to keep them cool. If you still want to be able to enjoy the sunshine without suffering from the heat, invest in partially transparent sunshade blinds, which block out powerful UV radiation and heat while still allowing you to enjoy the view.

2. Maintain Your Air Conditioning System

A well-maintained air conditioning system can run much more efficiently than one that hasn't been serviced in years. Even just cleaning the filters of your air conditioner can boost its efficiency. If you've been neglecting the maintenance of your air conditioning system, now could be a great time to schedule a professional service.

3. Use a Thermostat and Timer

In the average Australian household, heating and cooling account for 40 percent of energy usage. Reduce this amount simply by avoiding leaving cooling systems running when they are not needed. Use a timer and thermostat to control your home cooling system. Set the system to start running 15 minutes before you arrive home from work and automatically shut off as the temperature drops to a comfortable level.

4. Promote Air Flow

Promoting air flow inside your home can help you to feel cooler, even when the air temperature is high. Open internal doors to allow air to flow between cooler and hotter rooms, bringing the overall temperature of the home to a more bearable level. Opening windows on opposite sides of the home, especially at night when it is cooler, allows air to move through your home, creating a pleasant breeze.

5. Insulate Your Home

Well insulated homes cost less to heat in winter and less to cool in summer. Insulate walls and ceilings with insulating materials that have a high R-value to keep your home at a comfortable temperature all year round.

By making a few smart decisions, you can reduce the cost of keeping your home cool in summer. Use these tips to help your family feel cool and happy all summer long.