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Alfresco Window Coverings | 3 Blind Styles To Turn Your Patio Into A Trendy Haven

by Carolyn Fox

Outdoor blinds are perfect when it comes to protecting your windows from harsh sunlight, but they also add decorative appeal to your patio space. Introducing outdoor blinds to your patio is a great way to turn your alfresco living area into a trendy masterpiece –– provided you know what style works best for your home.

Vertical Outdoor Blinds

Vertical outdoor blinds evoke a feeling of sleek style and lustrous appeal. They are best suited to large windows and sliding doors because they open and close sideways, following the same movement of sliding patio doors and windows. The vertical design of these outdoor blinds also reduces the level of accumulated dust in comparison to other types of blinds, making them much easier to maintain in the long run. You can choose different colours based on the existing décor of your patio for a contrasting or blending appearance.

Venetian Or Horizontal Outdoor Blinds

Venetian or horizontal outdoor blinds are common applications for patios. They work well on most window styles and can be drawn up by a string or through a remote controlled operation. Outdoor Venetian blinds are usually made from faux wood or high-quality PVC in order to withstand weather elements. Venetian blinds are most versatile, so you can include them in any type of classic or modern patio décor. Venetian blinds may be prone to a little more dust than vertical blinds because of their horizontal disposition, but you can easily wipe them down with a damp cloth. Venetian blinds are best suited when you want to infuse the feeling of bigger patio spaces in your home.

Roller Outdoor Blinds

Roller outdoor blinds offer a sleek and modern finish to your patio. They are perfect when you want to create a minimalistic feel to your alfresco space. Roller blinds offer a single-piece design and are fabricated on a steel pole that is operated through a chain or remote controlled mechanism. Different materials like block-out or sheer fabric allow you to achieve the desired functionality you want from these types of blinds. For instance, block-out fabric completely blocks out sunlight when shut, while sheer fabric allows some light to filter through. You can choose between different colours and patterns to feature a contemporary finish for your patio based on your existing decor. 

With plenty of options at your disposal, consider these styles for outdoor blinds when you're looking to create a trendy alfresco haven.