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Tips For Moving From a House to an Apartment

by Carolyn Fox

When you move from a big house to a small apartment, it allows you to simplify your life and save money in the process, but the transition can be difficult. You have gotten used to the amount of furniture and bedrooms in your home, so minimising does take some work in the beginning. Here are some tips for moving from a house to an apartment.

Plan On the Essentials First

Instead of stressing over what you can keep and what you have to get rid of, it is often easier to start by making a list of the essentials you need in each room of your home. Consider the size of your apartment and number of rooms compared to your old house. For example, you might have had an extra room in your old house with a treadmill, elliptical, and stationary bike as a home gym. If this equipment wasn't used or isn't practical for you, it is not an essential, making it easy to sell or get rid of. With bedrooms, think about the basics you need first, including a bed and dresser in each room, and possibly other furniture, like a small desk in your teenager's room or a vanity in your own bedroom. If your kids will be sharing a room, you might want to get rid of their beds, and instead get bunk beds to give them more space.

Consider Furniture That Can Be Used For Multiple Purposes

When downsizing, one of the biggest obstacles is choosing the accent furniture and trying to figure out what is decorative and not necessary, or what can be used as storage. Many of your items that might not seem essential can actually be used for multiple purposes, so those are good items to bring with you. For example, a bookcase has many purposes in an apartment, from placing it in the living room to hold all of your media and books, to putting it in a dining room to hold dishes and small appliances that don't fit in your small kitchen. Think about items that can be used for different purposes and consider if you have room to bring them along.

Sell and Recycle

A good way to encourage you to start downsizing and get rid of items you can't bring to the apartment, think about other benefits. For example, you might be able to earn some money by selling some of your furniture or decorative items. Start by making a list of items that don't hold any sentimental value to you, since these tend to be easier to get rid of. Now figure out ways to sell them to turn a profit, such as having a big moving sale on your front lawn, or selling them individually to people you know, or putting an ad in the newspaper. You can also ease your kids into getting rid of some of their stuff by letting them keep all the profits.

When you are moving to an apartment, it can still be an overwhelming experience, even if it is a smaller home. Consider hiring removalists interstate to help you with transporting furniture and boxes so you don't have to focus on this part of relocating.