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Hire the right equipment for a cosy outdoor party in winter

by Carolyn Fox

Do not let the cold of winter deter you from throwing a party outside during the evening. The correct use of the appropriate party equipment will ensure that your guests are kept comfortable and warm and will add to the relaxed social feeling of the gathering.

Keep your guests warm

It is important that your guests are able to keep warm during your party. It would be a good idea to remind them to dress appropriately, but this is also the perfect opportunity for you to make sure they do not feel the cold as well as to add atmosphere to your party.

Provide heating

Hire two or three braziers, depending on the size of your garden and the number of guests, so that you can have open fires around which the guests can gather. Make sure that there is enough dry wood to keep the fires going for the whole evening. You will find that your guests will gravitate to  the braziers and the conversation will flow.

You also have the option to hire some outdoor gas heaters. Although these will keep your guests warm, they will not give your party the sense of cosiness and the same atmosphere as the braziers will provide.

Provide blankets

Another way of ensuring that your guests remain warm is to make sure that there are blankets scattered around the venue that anyone can use if they feel a little chilly. You may have enough blankets yourself, but it is an effective option to hire blankets that will match the décor, theme and feel of your party.

Seat your guests comfortably

People sitting outside around open fires in winter do not want to sit on hard, or straight, chairs. Many of them will not even want to sit on individual chairs, as sitting close to someone else will help to keep them warm and cosy. Hire couches and comfortable chairs that can be arranged informally around the fires. You may also want to hire some beanbags that will allow some of your guests to sprawl in front of the chairs and enjoy the atmosphere and conversation.

Feed your guests

Depending on your budget, you may want to hire the facilities for cooking an animal on the spit. This is a really good option for food at a party of this nature. It brings the theme of outdoor fires and cooking together and will provide another warm spot around which your guests may gather.

If you do not pursue this option, then there are other ways in which you can bring the feel and theme of your party into the food. You may, for example, choose to provide a variety of sausages for the guests to cook over the flames of a cooking fire that is separate from the braziers. Do not provide a formal dessert, but allow your guests to roast marshmallows on the fires and to eat these, or to put them on biscuits to make their own dessert. To facilitate both of these options, you will have to hire long forks amongst the other party equipment.