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  • Fine Living: Transforming Small Homes for More Style and Comfort

    21 January 2016

    It may seem impossible for most people to own a luxury estate. However, you can still get the fine living experience even if you have a small home. Below is a comprehensive article with a few suggestions of how you can add some luxury onto your home. Go smart One thing you will never miss in a luxury home is the latest technology. Therefore, as a small homeowner you need to upgrade some of your home devices and systems.

  • How to Prep Your Concrete Patio for the Summer

    5 January 2016

    The Australian summer months are beautifully hot and sunny—the perfect time to spend lots of quality time on your patio with your friends and family. But your epic summer barbecue and wine evenings with neighbours can only be a success if your concrete patio looks the part. Over the winter, the patio has no doubt gathered dirt and debris, and there may even be some nasty mildew taking hold. This is how you can make your patio look as good as new once again.